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Winscombe Primary School

Class 1

Welcome to an exciting term ahead in Class 1! We would like to say huge well done to all of our new entrants, who are settling in extremely well and to our most wonderful Year One children, who have been supporting their new peers.

The children are already thoroughly enjoying sharing their ‘boxes’ with the class and are demonstrating real pride as they discuss their own family and interests. This is all linking in beautifully with our ‘suspended curriculum’ and the topic we will be discovering more about soon!


'Home and Away'

We will be starting our year with a topic based on 'Home and Away.' Here we will explore homes within our locality, as well as those in the rainforest. You may have noticed our home corner, where we have a very popular 'tree house' at the moment!

To support our topic, we will be studying a couple of books to help the children appreciate different types of homes and encourage them to develop their own ideas about these.

Here are some of the things we will be learning and exploring this term:

  • Where do I live and what makes me special
  • Brainstorming ideas-What’s a home?
  • Develop our own stories based on ‘who and where’
  • Discovery of trees and leaf printing
  • Rainforest creatures
  • Plants
  • Collections of Autumn
  • Counting and sorting

...and much more!


With all this exciting learning taking place, we have decided that we will be arranging an opportunity to have a hands-on experience of the rainforest We will keep you in suspense until then!