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Winscombe Primary School

Class 1

Welcome to Class 1!

Teacher: Mrs Carpenter

TA: Mrs Callow

1:1 LSA: Mrs Stevens



Term 1 Week 5


Communication & Language: Phase 1 Letters & Sounds Instrumental Sounds

Physical Development: exploring different ways of moving

Literacy: name writing

Maths: number formation

Personal, Social and Emotional Development/Expressive Arts & Design: understanding and balancing emotions/drawing emotion cards

Understanding the World: talking about families

Music & PE


Year One

English: using capital letters and full stops as well as using and to join words and clauses

Maths: Counting, reading and writing numbers as well as identifying ‘one more’ or ‘one less’ than a given number

Art/DT: book front covers

Science: weather vanes

PSHE: understanding and balancing emotions

Music & PE

Class One Parents' Story Time

This term we are welcoming the parents and grandparents of children in Class One into our classroom to share their favourite stories with us.

Thank you to the parents who have already captured our imaginations and made us giggle quite a lot too!


Picture 1
Picture 2

Celebrating Our Differences

Class One's topic this term has covered many aspects of life as a King or a Queen. With our cake sale to prepare for this term, we decided to add a 'street party' theme to our plans which coincided with our topic. As we began organising our event, we chose to learn the first part of the British National Anthem. To truly acknowledge the strength in the differences between us, the children also worked in groups to learn some verses of other national anthems of members of our class. We are fortunate enough to have eight different nationalities in our class including: Russian, Estonian, Zimbabwean, American, Jamaican, Danish, Indian and British!


Take a look below to see pictures of us performing our national anthems to the whole school before enjoying our cake sale. We also spent last week making fantastic bunting to add the finishing touches to our celebrations.

Furry and Feathery Friends!


Over the past couple of weeks Class One has been very fortunate to be visited by some animals as part of our weekly 'show and tell'.

Last week Safia brought her brand new kittens to explore her classroom and this week was the turn of Joshua's chicks and Joseph's tortoise. We learnt lots about these animals such as the food they eat, where they live and how old they can grow to!


Take a look below at our very special meetings!


Horsing Around!

This week in Class One we had two very special visitors in the shape of beautiful ponies! For a 'show and tell' with a difference, Peggy and Beth, and Safia brought their ponies Tiny and Peaches to visit their friends at school. We learned about how fast the ponies can go, the amount of work it takes to look after them and even got to give them a little pat on the nose. Our new friends were very well behaved indeed! A big THANK YOU to the girls' mums for organising this super show and tell! Take a look below at our pictures...

Class One's Mud Kitchen: Now Open For Business!

Class One's Mud Kitchen: Now Open For Business! 1

Welcome to our Mud Kitchen!

We will be serving a variety of dishes each day using only the finest, locally sourced ingredients.


Take a look below to see how we have been using the latest addition to our outdoor environment...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Term 5 Week 4

Please see below for an outline of just some the things your child has been doing this week:


  • Recapping understanding of capacity and time

  • Writing independent stories based on small world characters

  • Exploring different materials

  • Using varying colouring techniques (stippling, hatching, shading)

  • Using technology and understanding how it is used in different places (iPads)

  • Swimming

Year One

  • ‘Boxing up’ our explanation text map

  • Beginning to form our own explanations

  • Measuring and recording time

  • Understanding seconds, minutes and hours

  • Drawing hands onto clock faces

  • Telling the time to o’clock and half past

  • Building on our self-portraits from last week

  • Properties of materials

  • Pop art portraits

  • Swimming

Terms 5 and 6


Terms 5 and 6 in Class One are all about Kings and Queens!

Term 3 Week 5


Please see below for an outline of the things your child has been doing this week:



  • Participating in a ‘dancing noodles’ science experiment

  • Writing instructions

  • Adding one more to a given number (up to 20)

  • Exploring the large apparatus in the hall and travelling over/under

  • Managing risks and staying safe

  • Setting goals


Year One

  • Continuing to add to their persuasive letters by writing the reasons why Mrs Armitage should buy a new car

  • Proofing their persuasive letters and making own amendments

  • Continuing to work with different coins and adding with money

  • Exploring George Stephenson’s life and inventions.

  • Understanding how trains changed people’s lives in the 19th century

  • Exploring the large apparatus in the hall and travelling under/over

  • Marvellous Mental Maths Missions

PE Kits


Please remember that your children have a PE session on Tuesday afternoons for which their full PE kit is required. PE kits will be sent home during the last week of each term for a wash!

Term 3 and 4


So far this term we have been learning all about Travel and Transport.


The children have participated in wheelchair basketball and we are in the process of scheduling several events/activities which tie in with this topic such as a walk, a bus journey and a train journey.

Term 1 and 2


During our two weeks suspended curriculum at the start of term, Class One spent some time exploring poetry linked to our whole-school topic of a ‘Plethora of Plants’. In particular, Class One focused on trees; learning and rehearsing the words to ‘Tap the Magic Tree’ by Christie Matheson. As well as giving our new Reception children plenty of time to adjust to their new routine and share their ‘box about me’ that they had created over the summer, we have been participating in a variety of fun activities such as observational drawings and planting beans which will support our Science curriculum as we progress throughout the term.

Letters and Sounds


This week in Class One we started our daily phonics lessons! Why not take a look at the link below and explore 'Mr Thorne Does Phonics' to support your child with their learning at home?