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Winscombe Primary School

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


Teachers~ Mrs Victoria Sheppard & Mrs Clair Morris

LSAs ~ Mrs Helen Rawlins & Mrs Marcelle Hunt

What an end to the school year! We're exhausted!

After a wonderfully warm visit to Caerphilly castle, where we got to experience castle life first-hand, we came back and quickly began planning our end-of-term wow experience: Castle Celebration Day! We researched exactly what kind of banquet we would have been likely to eat during the reign of King Henry VIII; we made our own shields with our family colours and crests ready for a jousting battle; we decided on our profession: herald, courtier, jester, knight, lady-in-waiting, queen or king and finally, when the day arrived, we dressed in our finery and made our way to school.

After greeting one another cordially, we practised our archery skills and competed against one another in battles, we danced and entertained each other in a manner fitting of royalty and we dined on a sumptuous feast of roasted goose (chicken), wine (grape juice) and pig's head (pork pies). A fabulous day was had by all and we couldn't have done it without our trusty servants (parents) who helped along the way.

Photos to follow in September...

Term 5 and 6 mean only one thing: Kings and Queens! To start the topic, we had a surprise visitor, Jed Nurdel, one of Henry VIII’s courtiers, who came to visit. He helped us to understand Henry’s complex private life as well as the sorts of activities he liked to do. We had so much fun helping him act out Henry’s SIX marriages! We are also busy learning about castles in preparation for our visit to one and, most importantly, as research to plan and organise our very own ‘Kings and Queens’ day in term 6. Stay tuned for more details and photos to come!

Term 4

Class 2 have had a very busy time recently! We finished Term 4 with our fabulous Colour Run which we planned, advertised and fundraised for entirely by ourselves!! We had a wonderful afternoon with Class 1, getting very wet and powdery (thanks parents!) and, most importantly, we raised over £675 for charity! Shelter Box, the lucky organisation to receive our hard earned cash, provide temporary shelter to people in war-torn countries, often in the form of life saving tents, mosquito nets, cooking equipment and water purifiers. Our topic, Houses and Homes, really made us think about all the things we take for granted and there was no way we could do nothing once we started to learn all about the suffering in other parts of the world.

Picture 1


Term 3

We have focused  on a story by Quentin Blake called 'Mrs Armitage, Queen of the Road'. We have enjoyed writing letters to the different characters in the story, giving us a chance to show off our writing skills! Watch this space for photos our new class display and some of our work. This story links well to our 'Transport' topic. We have been finding out about types of transport that our Grandparents and other relatives might have used when they were younger that may have been different to what we use today. We have also had the opportunity of participating in wheelchair basketball - even Mrs Sheppard and Mrs Rawlins had a go! It was interesting to find out why and how people use wheelchairs and fun to explore first hand what it feels like.


Christmas Nativity

If you didn't get a chance to see our KS1 Nativity, 'Lights, Camel, Action!', please see some of the pictures from the performance practice sessions below. It was such great fun and everyone loved it! We worked incredibly hard and learnt so many words. What a show!to use it in sport. 

Picture 1