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Winscombe Primary School

Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

Class Teacher - Mr. William (Billy) Hall

1:1 LSA - Mrs Lucy Huke


Class 3 have been utilising their incredible curiosity to discover the fascinating history behind World War I and the impact it had on daily life. From learning about the start of the war, the Christmas Truce and the use of propaganda to the end of the war and remembrance, the children have been immersing themselves in the topic. We are currently planning and drafting our narratives, based on 'War Game' by Michael Foreman (a very interesting retelling of the Christmas Truce). We have already explored various World War I artists, conscientious objectors and the children created some beautiful poetry based on famous World War I poems.

Picture 1 Tabi's ancestor was in the Royal Flying Corps!
Picture 2 Samuel is a fantastic poster child!

Our links to World War I

Our links to World War I 1 Finn's Great Grandfather's enlistment letter
Our links to World War I 2 Finn with a portrait of his Great Grandfather
Our links to World War I 3 Daisy is related to Edith Cavell!
Picture 1 Samuel with a wedding dress worn during WWI!
Picture 2 Some actual WWI Belgian soil!
Picture 3 The children have been finding family links to WWI
Picture 1
Picture 2

Dr. McBride's Visit

Dr. McBride's Visit 1
Class 3 were enthralled by a visit from Josie's dad, who is a real life orthopaedic surgeon! The children enjoyed learning more about the human body and consolidating their knowledge of bones. A huge thank you to Dr. McBride for his informative and interesting talk!

A visit from Sid, the ARP Warden, who reflected on his time during WWI

Raise the Roof!

Conscientious Objector Tribunal

Class 3 have been learning about the roles of all people during World War I and recently had a Conscientious Objector Tribunal. This required children to study individuals who had refused to go to war and, through our school values of tolerance and compassion, adopt a view about whether these people should go to war. They then had to defend or prosecute these people before Judge Hall! Through this experience, the children learned the value of examining an alternative view and understanding viewpoints that differ from their own.

We're all part of the same puzzle!

We're all part of the same puzzle! 1