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Winscombe Primary School

Class 3

Welcome to Class 3!

Class Teacher - Mr. William Hall

Support Staff - Mrs. Jacqueline Seel


We're all about growth mindset in Class 3 and making sure that we learn from our mistakes! We aim to always have the courage to give it a go, no matter the subject!


What an exceptionally busy term we've had! Our topic has been fascinating, learning all about Germany, it's history, culture and geography. We've even been lucky enough to have our very own German who came to work with us for 5 weeks, so a huge thank you to Miss Stadelmann for all your help and expertise! 


Not only have we been learning about Germany, but we have also been preparing and performing our fearsome Haka at Dance Their Socks Off 10! It was a huge success and an enormous well done to the whole class and all adults involved!

Our Fearsome Dance Their Socks Off Haka!

Our Fearsome Dance Their Socks Off Haka! 1
Our Fearsome Dance Their Socks Off Haka! 2

When Germany is your topic, you have to bake German cakes!

When Germany is your topic, you have to bake German cakes! 1
When Germany is your topic, you have to bake German cakes! 2

Our Multiplication Baking problem solving!

Roman Day!

Roman Day! 1
Class 3 reveled in Ancient Rome for a day, experiencing all that the Romans experienced. From designing their own shield to protect from the barbarians to feasting as the Romans did, the children enjoyed a thoroughly Roman experience! Roma Victor!

The Fearsome Roman Army!

The Fearsome Roman Army! 1
The Fearsome Roman Army! 2
The Fearsome Roman Army! 3
The Fearsome Roman Army! 4

Feasting like Romans!

European Languages Day - Guten Tag!
Class 3 enjoyed a fun packed European Languages Day, where our class focus was Germany. They tried speaking the language, singing some German songs and tasting some wonderful German foods. The children even managed to get outside for a game of handball!

New Academic Year Letter


Have a look at what Class 3 got up to last year whilst we set up for this year!


Classes 3 and 4 took part in their own general election today, 8th June 2017. The polling station was rather busy, with 84% voter turn out. Every voter seemed very well informed about each party's manifesto.

To finish of our class maths topic on money, Class 3 hosted a 'School of Rock' themed cake sale with its very own live band 'Crossbones'! The children were in charge of all the money taking and counting, which gave Mr. Hall (or Mr. Schneebly!) the chance to rock out!

Anglo Saxons and Scots Topic Web Term 5 & 6

Our Deforestation Debate

The children engaged with our rainforest topic by discussing the issue of deforestation. Some children argued that it should stop completely, whilst others argued that it was a necessary evil and one that could be managed. Class 3 showed fantastic debating skills and respect for differing opinions on this very important issue.

Rainforests Topic Web Terms 3 & 4

WWI Topic Web Terms 1 & 2

Shrouds of the Somme

As part of our WWI topic, Class 3 visited the moving 'Shrouds of the Somme' exhibit in Central Bristol. This exhibition remembered those British soldiers who fell on the first day of the Battle of the Somme, 1st July 1916. The children were stunned to learn that, for each of the 19,240 soldiers who lost their lives, the artist Rob Heard had hand-stitched a small mannequin in a shroud. Class 3 also joined memorial activities in nearby Bristol Cathedral.

Class 3 Information