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Winscombe Primary School

Class 4


Class Teacher - Miss Angie Stevens

It's all about endurance in Class 4: "BY ENDURANCE WE CONQUER". Following the famous motto of Ernest Shackleton's family, we have conquered so much new learning and many new challenges. There's still more to come too! We couldn't have planned our class topic any better. The BBC have acknowledged the incredible achievements of Shackleton in their recent programme, Icons; a team is trying to locate the remains of Shack's ship, The Endurance, right now. However, most amazingly, we have found out that one of our very own class members is the great, great, great niece of Ernest Joyce, Shackleton's dog sled trainer! Who'd have thought it?


Have a look at photos of our recent trip to Clip 'n' Climb (Weston Super Mare). We wanted to experience the challenges of overcoming fears, perseverance and resilience for ourselves. We had a blast! If you visit, check out the leaflets we left behind - all designed and written ourselves - on the walls of the climbing centre.

Clip 'n' Climb

WORLD BOOK DAY 2019 - Sharing a story with Class 2.

We were in awe of the artefacts we were allowed to examine - with special gloves of course! We studied the Nile and how important it was to so many walks of life in Ancient Egypt. Our art work has been focused on the ritual of mummification, including our very own masking tape mummies and clay sarcophogi. We planned our own short narratives based on the folk tale of The Egyptian Cinderella, Mummy poetry and recounts about the suspicious death of Cleopatra.

Singularly Peculiar Phylum Arthropoda (Odd Bugs)

Picture 1