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Winscombe Primary School

Class 5

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Term 6 is shaping up to be the busiest yet in Class 5! Already this term, we have been knee-deep in our rehearsals for School of Rock, our ambitious, Key Stage Two end of year show. This year, we are performing at Churchill Academy with a chorus of professional actors and our very own teachers, Mrs Tinker, Miss Stevens and Mr Hall. It promises to be an absolute show-stopper! Moreover, the Year Sixes have been beavering away on their English and Maths transition work ready for September, in order to show their new Year Seven teachers what they are capable of. As we type, the Year Six children are away at Morfa Bay in Carmarthen, enjoying a reward for all their hard work this year. Miss Stevens and Mrs Callow are showing them the meaning of extreme sports: caving, canoeing, abseiling and awaiting SATs results, to name but a few! Finally, we are also putting the finishing touches to the Leavers’ Assembly, always a hotly-anticipated end-of-year event. Be prepared for some emotional moments, and some comedy. Wish us luck!

SATs are over! Every member of Class Five has worked their socks off to prepare for this week and we are now reaping the benefits and celebrating in style. Many thanks to everyone who made this afternoon's BBQ such a success - the rain only paused proceedings very briefly!


We are now looking forward to an action-packed summer term, especially now that rehearsals for our end of year production, School of Rock, are well and truly underway. We are very excited and privileged to be working alongside Churchill Academy in this joint venture.


Also this term, we have been enjoying read our class book, 'The Rooftoppers' by Katherine Rundell. This quality text is set in Edwardian times and tells the story of a young girl's search for her mother, which takes her on a life-changing journey from London to Paris. Our writing has been based around this text; it was certainly fun collectively gathering our ideas on wallpaper as a whole class.


Now that the end of this academic year is in sight, we have been raising money to help fund our Year Six Leavers' treat. Various members of our school community were kind enjoy to contribute unwanted books and we held a well-supported book sale, raising almost £100!


We also have the annual Summer Fair to look forward to and are currently busy selecting our first ever Fair King, Queen, Prince and Princess to open this prestigious event on June 10th. These roles will be filled after much campaigning on behalf of the candidates and voting on behalf of the school community. Watch this space to see who gets the coveted titles!


Class Five Book Sale

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Yabadabadoo! Term 5 and 6 Topic Web

Term 3 to date...

In maths, we are in the midst of a fraction frenzy! We are working hard to master every aspect of fractions, including finding fractions of shapes and quantities; converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers; converting and comparing fractions; and adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. Pupils have worked hard to practise their skills, investigate fractions and apply their understanding in new contexts. Why not have a go at one of the problems below?


During weekly maths Booster sessions, we are capitalising on Mrs Hetherington's time and splitting into three groups to master 'measures'. We are reading scales, converting measures, tackling tricky word problems and converting between metric and imperial units of measure.


In science, we are learning all about the human circulatory system and can now explain blood flow through the heart in exceptional detail! Do you know your mitral valve from your tricuspid valve? If not, please visit us! We are now combining our scientific understanding with our artistic skills to write explanation texts to describe the whole process. Like us, you'll be experts in no time!


In art, we are hoping to round off the term with a spot of sewing. In keeping with our science topic, we are planning to produce heart-shaped ornaments, just in time for Valentine's Day!


BRIGHT SPARKS! Terms 3 and 4 Topic Web

Welcome to Class 5!


Together, we are off to a flying start. We have already started to build a close classroom community and have spent time talking about and sharing our dreams for this year and for the future.


Within our ‘Plethora of Plants’ topic, we have been immersing ourselves in all things ‘flora’ across the curriculum. In English, we have been winding our ‘Way through the Woods’ by learning Rudyard Kipling’s famous poem and exploring the language used. Combining Maths and Art, we have also been investigating ‘Numbers in Nature’ by exploring the Fibonacci sequence and identifying real-life examples of these numbers in flower petals, leaf arrangements and spirals seen on different fruits and cones. We spotted so many during our trip to the Eden Project! Utilising our new mathematical knowledge, we are now creating and painting our own flowers that match Fibonacci’s code. Please visit Class Five soon to see what we’ve been up to…

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