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Winscombe Primary School


This week we are exploring parts of a story - beginning, middle and end and we have created our own story paths, last week, to help us remember the structure of the story. 


Task 1:

To make it easier to ensure that our story flows from one section to another, we are using our Talk for Writing to help us. Take a look at our class example below of a simple beginning, middle and end. You might like to add more description in yours to help when you come to write it in sentences, as your own version of the story. Remember, you can change it in any way to make it more descriptive - use of adjectives, noun phrases, more of a character description at the start. You might even want to spend more time on the setting description. 

Task 2:

The next task, this week, is to write your own version of Maud, The Night Dragon. Use the pictures we have drawn to help you write the basic structure of the story but remember to add in those intriguing and descriptive 'extras'.