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Winscombe Primary School

Angie Stevens

My name is Angie Stevens and I am one of Sandford's two Deputy Headteachers, as well as being the Class 4 teacher to our Year 4 and 5 pupils. I have worked at Sandford since 2005 and have seen the school go through many changes. Both of my own children have attended Sandford. I love the village community that our school sits in and the dedication and care that both parents and pupils give to our school and all its projects. 


In my free time, I enjoy going on adventures with my family: camping, surfing, hiking and holidaying abroad. I am a creative person with a love of art, but also share my home with musical boys and lots of noise!


In my leadership role, I work closely with data and data analysis. This enables me to use RAISEonline and the school's own tracking systems to evaluate pupil progress and challenge the staff to meet targeted standards. I monitor the provision for vulnerable groups and ensured relevant policies and paperwork are up to date and match the school's needs and procedures. I report my conclusions to the FGB.


I have direct involvement with many personnel issues, from interviewing and appointing staff, to playing a part in the appraisal process. This has impacted the school by ensuring a high calibre of staff and relevant specific targets are set for teachers on the Upper Pay Scale.


I update and evaluate the School Self Evaluation document. This is a working document which I have helped the school to link closely with both the SGP and staff appraisal targets. Targets set are based on identified areas for development and impact achievement, teaching and learning, behaviour and safety and leadership of the school.