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Winscombe Primary School

Art & Design

Anglo-Saxon Weaving

This week, you are going to have a go at some Anglo-Saxon weaving. Weaving was very important in Anglo-Saxon times as they used this craft to make their clothes, blankets and fabric that they would sell. They would often make them from wool and would dye them using different plants and flowers. Watch a couple of the instructional videos below to have a go at your very own weaving!

You will need:

- string/wool of different colours

- a piece of cardboard

- a blunt needle/object to use for threading

Weaving on a Cardboard Loom

Easy weaving on a cardboard loom

Primary Weaving

Another way to do weaving on cardboard loom


If you're feeling brave and confident, have a look at some of the other methods of weaving in the link below.