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Winscombe Primary School


Charles Darwin Portrait

Can you use your paints to recreate this self-portrait of Darwin?

Make sure you take care with the position of his facial features and give yourself plenty of room for his 'natural' beard. Choose paints/colour carefully for the skin tones. Can you see some mark making to show shade?





I found this picture on the internet of a nature book with a difference! Can you spot the mini-beasts that have obviously become bookworms? You could try making your own version of this! Be sure to ask an adult to find you an old book. If you haven't got one of these, do let me know as I am sure I can find you something! You could cut out pictures of insects or animals or draw your own.  



Have a go at printing all sorts of nature items you can find! Experiment with colour and have fun! You might like to start printing leaf patterns like below and using them to make cards, writing paper, postcards and many more items.