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Winscombe Primary School

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


Teachers~ Mrs Victoria Sheppard 

Mrs Sheppard captured a true Spring scene. Can you see the new season's babies?

Still image for this video

British Science Week


We had great fun during our final week of Term 4 where we explored science through 'Journeys'. We found out about the journey of chocolate through states of matter - the transitions from solid to liquid and back to solid again....until we ate it! We found out about paper helicopters and the link with Sycamore tree seeds  - the concepts of seed dispersal and forces. 


We also had a visit from Mr G! He shared more scientific ideas linked to journeys including fun activities where we made hovercrafts, rockets, cars, catapults and used balloons and Mrs Sheppard's hair to explore static electricity! We had a great time! 

Well done to all our KS1 pupils who performed in our Christmas Nativity Performance, 'Baubles'.  The quality of speaking and acting was so commendable and everybody had such an important part to play. All our visitors thoroughly enjoyed watching and we raised money to support St Peter's Hospice and future productions. 

Baubles Children's Primary School Nativity Play


What a busy time it is for Class 2! Last term we started to find out about non-chronological reports and, linked to our Science Topic, we researched the features of a report and used this to create our own about trees - deciduous, evergreen and we found out about the apple tree! This led us nicely into our exploration of the Amazon Rainforest where we found out about Kapok trees. Apparently, we found out they have spiky thorns on the trunk and produce the most beautiful flowers, with the most pungent smell!


We explored the layers of the rainforest and used snippets from books and other children's work to help us create our own descriptions. We then used this as part of our story writing sessions based on a book called 'The Great Kapok Tree' written by Lynne Cherry.  We had a visit from Exmoor Zoo a couple of weeks ago and were introduced to some very creepy visitors!

Have a look at some of the animals we met with Exmoor Zoo.

We had a visit from a parent who has filmed in the Amazon Rainforest. The pictures he showed were really amazing.

Diversity is one thing that we all have in common!

Welcome back!


What a fabulous start we have had in Class 2. We are all looking forward to being with our friends and getting stuck into lots of fun activities.


Our suspended curriculum topic, linked to diversity, is called 'It's Great to be Different!'. As a class we have been inspired by a book called 'You Be You' by Linda Kranz in which a fish, called Adri, finds out about diversity and that it is great to be different to others; that many things make us unique and special. 

We created our own fish for our recital.