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Winscombe Primary School

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


Teachers~ Mrs Victoria Sheppard and Mrs Clair Morris

Antarctica........We're Poles Apart!!


Did you know ..........

During the summer months in Antarctica, it stays light for several months! How amazing is that! The coldest place on Earth is a high ridge in Antarctica where temperatures can dip below - 133°F (-93.2°C). You cannot work in Antarctica unless your wisdom teeth and appendix are removed.






Watch this space for our fun Antarctica facts  and non-chronological reports about the beautiful Emperor Penguins.


Meanwhile, why not enjoy a wide range of interesting information related to the icy continent found at the southern part of the globe through the following sites:



Home Learning

This week why not find out about the human lifecycle? Can you find pictures at different stages of your life so far - baby, toddler, pre-school age, now? What did you need to help you grow and change? Feel free to being in your findings!

Have a look at this beautiful cobweb found in the garden of one of our pupils. It is huge!

Have a look at this beautiful cobweb found in the garden of one of our pupils. It is huge! 1



We would like to thank all those who came along to support the Great British Beach Clean last weekend, run by the Marine Conservation  Society.  It was very well attended by both pupils, parents and staff at several locations along Sand Bay.

The sun shone and we collected all sorts of interesting things: a completely buried car hub cap, an old fashioned ring pull from  a fizzy drinks can and a crisp packet from 1988—over thirty years old!!  More importantly, Sand Bay has never looked so pristine!  Thanks again and a conduct mark awarded to all those who volunteered to give up their weekend to help take care of our planet!


Welcome back to Class 2! We hope that you had a restful, enjoyable summer break!


Over the next couple of weeks, we will be immersing ourselves into the world of the ocean and how plastic pollution is taking hold through a story about Tuamor the Turtle, written by Jo Earlam. We will be following Tuamor's story of the impact of litter on turtles and other sea creatures. Through a desperate plea to young people, Tuamor introduces some important ways we can all help to save our seas! Using our research on this subject, Class 2 will be having fun with poetry and artwork linked to helping to raise awareness and will be doing what we can to help look after our sea and beaches on a local level. 


Image result for the tale of the turtle and the plastic jellyfish


"Our ocean is vital to life on earth. Not only does it contain some of the world's most amazing creatures, like the blue whale, the largest animal on the planet, but we also get most of our oxygen we breathe from the sea. The problem is we aren't looking after it. Marine litter - rubbish which finds its way into he ocean - is a huge threat to the health of our ocean and the incredible creatures who live there."

Jenny Griffiths, Marine Conservation Society Education Officer


What do you notice about this picture?

Image result for the tale of the turtle and the plastic jellyfish 


We will also be using a story for our artwork called 'The Tale of the Turtle and the Plastic Jellyfish' written by Sarah Nelms and illustrated by Kate Nelms. Have a look at this beautiful illustration and watch this space for ours!!