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Winscombe Primary School

Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


Teachers~ Mrs Victoria Sheppard and Ms Emma Brock

LSA - Mrs Sara Gooding


We are learning about what happiness is and the kinds of things that make us happy.



Let's help to spread a little happiness around the world!


As part of our 'recovery curriculum', we are joining our friends across the federation in reading Oliver Jeffer's book 'Here We Are'. This story places us on on our planet and helps us to question and understand the world around us and how we fit in this.


This term, we have been thinking about what happiness means to us. Have a look below at some of our thoughts about what makes us happy! We have even made our own book - 'Class 2's Book of Happiness' - watch this space! 



We have also been exploring and using watercolours to create our own planet Earth. We have really enjoyed this, although we had to be very careful using these paints. It takes a lot of skill to become as good as we are!