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Winscombe Primary School

Class 3

Welcome to Class 3 (Year 3/4)

Class Teacher - Mr. William (Billy) Hall

1:1 LSA - Mrs Lucy Huke

Welcome back to Class 3! I hope you had an enjoyable and relaxing summer break!


For the first two weeks, during our suspended curriculum, we will be understanding and discussing the effect that deforestation has been having and continues to have on our natural environment. We have already been busy creating our own poetry based on the 'Rainforest' by Lisa Lewis, and our own artwork that reflects this modern, 21st century ecological issue. Class 3 have been coming up with ways to try and help at a local and international level, so watch this space!


Please find useful links towards to the bottom of the page.




Picture 1

Heating sunrise, 

Through the dark, gloomy sky, 

Evil fiery halo,

Making each creature cry,


An amount of us helping,

Too many stay still, 

We'll all be lost together, 

The more rainforests we kill,


Think what we're doing,

Look at the green, 

Burned out and cut down, 

The blackest you've seen.

                                        By Olivia B                        Picture by Freddie P

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