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Winscombe Primary School

Class 5

Class Teacher - Miss Lawson

1:1 support - Mrs Shears

After a fantastic assembly of their amazing time at Sandford, Year 6 attempted to escape ... !

Class 5 enjoyed an amazing day at Mendip Outdoors for our Forest School. We made javelins, cooked jam twists, built fires and created natural works of art. It was a fantastic day, with lovely weather too!

What an amazing week we all had! Extra recognition to Madison for being the best archer; Kate for being awesome in Amroth; Lola for being fantastic in Angle; and Louis & Edie for being brilliant campers in general!

Morfa Bay - Day 4: Orienteering, Woodland Scramble and archery & bikes/caving ... and the disco!

Morfa Bay - Day 3: WW1 Trench Experience and climbing & abseiling!

After working incredibly hard for the last few weeks on our writing, Year 6 are off to Morfa Bay! Check back during the week for photos of our adventures - fingers crossed for some drier weather! 🙂
It's starting to sink in that we have almost finished our time at Sandford - only 7 weeks left!

Robotics Day!


Class 4 & 5 spent a few hours making and programming robots! We had to work through a number of challenges to help clean up and save the 'ocean'. With a bit of trial and error, we managed to save a dolphin, tag a shark, fix an oil pipeline and collect some coral - some of the trickier ones eluded us, but we all tried so hard and showed masses of resilience! It was a brilliant day, which will hopefully inspire some equally brilliant writing!

Author visit!


We were really lucky to have award-winning author Ruth Eastham in for a day of creative writing. Classes 3, 4 & 5 all had time to have a writing session with her too and produced some amazing work from it. 

We all survived SATs week!

On Thursday afternoon, some of our amazing parents and grandparents, with the help of the PTA, threw us a celebratory BBQ. Thankfully the weather was still lovely and we enjoyed a few hours of food, music, fun and games. It was a brilliant way to relax after such a busy week and to acknowledge all the hard work Class 5 have put in so far this year. One final push on our writing, and we're almost there. Well done, everyone!

As part of our SATs preparation, Class 5 became teachers for the afternoon! They planned, resourced and then delivered their own group lessons based on a grammar topic. There were wordsearches, games, flash cards, activity questions and even a spelling test!

Class 5 have been investigating forces this week with lots of Mathsy-Science! We looked at the correlation between mass & weight, as well as testing the friction of different surfaces around school. Air resistance was made a little bit trickier by the force of the wind, but we still attempted to make something that would save our ‘person’ if they fell off a tall structure. They will be tested again outside when the weather is a bit more agreeable!


In Science, we are looking at light and attempted to make our own periscopes ... without actually knowing what they should look like! With a bit of trial and error, most of them were successful!

Frida Kahlo self portraits - based on our Mexico work in Topic!

Take a look at our classroom windows to see the finished versions!

We have been reading The Arabian Nights and Sinbad the Sailor. As part of our understanding of the tales, we rewrote Sinbad's voyages as a playscript and performed them, with some additional props and costumes.

Mexican fiesta dances!


As part of our lesson on the culture of Mexico, we looked at the music and dances that are used in fiestas. We then had a go ourselves - take a look!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Welcome back! smiley

2019 is going to be a big year for most of Class 5 with SATs and the anticipation of leaving Sandford Primary. We have already started our preparation for the big week in May, but will definitely be enjoying our time in school this year as well.

Our new topic for the next two terms is called Where in the World?!, where we will be looking at different countries along the Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn. We will be exploring culture, landscapes, religion, art and much more as we travel around the World. Our English topics will also be geographically focused, as we look at literature from various cultures.

It is definitely going to be a busy few terms, so keep checking back to see what Class 5 get up to!


Class 5 spent a brilliant day at Cheddar Caves learning bucketloads about prehistory! We explored two different caves and learnt about how prehistoric people would have lived in the area. We tried on some of their clothes and experienced what it might have been like to be inside a cave when a cave bear wanted to enter too! We had a fantastic day and really showed off our knowledge that has been developing over the last couple of months. Take a look at some of the photos of our day out! :)

We have had a very creative afternoon creating Stonehenge silhouettes. We had to paint the sunset first and then cut out our own silhouette shapes of the famous stones. Come and take a look at the real versions in our classroom!

'Stone'henge making!


In our topic work, we have been looking at Stonehenge and how it was made. We had a go at doing it ourselves too - but with icing sugar and wafers! Who knew Stonehenge was so yummy?!

In Science, we have been conducting an investigation into which liquids cause most damage to our teeth. For the last week, we have had eggs in 6 different liquids to see the effects. Today we took them out! Our findings were that vinegar caused the most damage, followed by Lucozade, orange juice and Coke. Milk and water caused no damage at all - so we are all going to try to drink more water and fewer sugary drinks!
As part of our Stone Age to Iron Age topic, we have been learning about the tools that were used and how they developed through the eras. We made our own tools out of saltdough and researched more about them to create our own museum displays.
Today in Science, we were looking at the respiratory system. We learnt all the scientific vocabulary and made sure we understood the process of breathing in and out (respiring). We then made our own lungs!

Have a look at the video below that shows some incredible science that Eva and Eric explained to Class 5 today. We all then had a go at catching bubbles too!

Bubble catching!

Still image for this video
We all worked incredibly hard during the Suspended Curriculum weeks to remember how to be amazing pupils and to show off what makes us individually unique. As part of our reflection, each member of Class 5 thought about one word that showed what they were like. They also thought about what that might look like if it was a substance in a bottle. This display is the result - I hope you will agree that Class 5 are truly magical!

Welcome to Class 5!

We have started the year fantastically already; showing what we can remember from last year and exploring lots of new information that we have gathered during the holidays.

We have a busy year ahead and will soon be starting our first topic on Britain in the Stone Age and Iron Age. At the moment, we are focusing on how great we are individually, as well as building our class up to be the best! We have already thought about what makes us all stars (who deserves to twinkle) and have each come up with 5 wishes that we want to achieve by the end of this academic year – we will be trying hard to accomplish them all!