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Winscombe Primary School

Class 5

Welcome to Class 5's page!


Class Teacher - Miss Lawson

1:1 support - Mrs Shears

Welcome to Class 5!

We have started the year fantastically already; showing what we can remember from last year and exploring lots of new information that we have gathered during the holidays.

We have a busy year ahead and will soon be starting our first topic on Britain in the Stone Age and Iron Age. At the moment, we are focussing on how great we are individually, as well as building our class up to be the best! We have already thought about what makes us all stars (who deserve to twinkle) and have each come up with 5 wishes that we want to achieve by the end of this academic year – we will be trying hard to accomplish them all!

Whilst you wait for all the new adventures, take a look at what Class 5 did last year!

An exciting start to Term 3 2018


We have settled back to school after the Christmas holidays with enthusiasm and determination. Embracing our new topic of The Ancient Maya civilisation, we have already read a myth from Central America, found out when the Maya lived and understand that they had strong beliefs in their different gods.


In maths, we've been reinforcing our learning of measures and thoroughly enjoyed carrying out a practical investigation around the school for which we worked in pairs to practise our estimating and accurate measuring skills.

Tuesday 19th December- the end of Term 2!


What a super Term 2 it has been indeed for Class 5! We have rounded off our Victorian topic by enjoying a cookery session led by Mrs Seel, been awarded the 100% attendance certificate and sung our hearts out at the carol service in St James Church, Winscombe. The readers from our class delivered their readings with confidence and clarity - well done to them all!


We are looking forward to the Christmas holidays and to commencing 2018 with a new topic and continued motivation for learning.



Here are three non-chronological report posters which were completed individually following our trip to The Big Pit mining museum and which show how much information we learnt about life down the pit.
Victorian cooking in Class 5

Wednesday 29th November - Decimal donuts and percentages maths investigation


As part of our learning about decimals, fractions and percentages, some pupils from Class 5 carried out a 'donut' investigation. Needless to say, this didn't involve actual donuts unfortunately, but instead required children to work in a team to solve the problem which demonstrated equivalence of fractions, decimals and percentages. All groups worked co-operatively together to solve the puzzle. It was great to see how they all supported each other in their thinking and shared ideas.

Wednesday 8th November - Class 5's day trip to Big Pit, Wales


What a fantastic day out we enjoyed today! The sun was shining, the skies were blue and we immersed ourselves in everything to do with coal mining.


Our coach took us to the back and beyond of the Welsh Valleys, close to the town of Abergavenny, where we arrived to be greeted by Wayne who was the 'boss' of the Big Pit colliery. Within minutes, we were togged up with hard helmets and head torches, ready, excited yet slightly apprehensive, to enter the coal mine. As we stepped into the mine shaft, we were told that we would be descending 90m underground. 


Arriving at the bottom of the pit, we learnt how the 'drams' were used to carry the coal, how horses were kept in stables for days underground and used to pull the carts as well as understanding the importance of the invention of the Davy lamp. 


Our next stop was a well-earned lunch break in the midday sunshine looking across the Welsh hills before beginning our workshop entitled' Servants to the Empire'.  During this session, an expert historian gave us hands-on experience of pulling a cart, crawling through a narrow roadway and imagining eating our lunch out of a 'tommy box' and 'water jack'.


After a brief but all-important visit to the gift shop, we returned to school buzzing from the day out that we had thoroughly enjoyed.

National European Day of Languages

Wednesday 27th September 2017


Class 5 enjoyed celebrating this event by immersing ourselves in everything Italian: Italian maths (Roman numerals), Italian greetings, Italian art and an Italian feast! Take a look at us trying out foods like pesto pasta, olives, grissini breadsticks and neapolitan ice-cream- you can tell from our faces that the feast was delicious! We were particularly proud of our 'homemade' pizzas which we made in groups, selecting our favourite toppings. With regards to Italian culture, we learnt how Michelangelo took five years to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and certainly got a sore neck as result of his work, having to spend hours at the top of scaffolding bending backwards to look at what he was doing.


The whole day was a real insight into the country of Italy.

Welcome to Class 5!



Together, we are off to a flying start. We have already started to build a close classroom community and have spent time talking about ourselves and getting to know each other ready for the exciting year ahead of us.


Within our ‘Hero's journey’ topic, we have been immersing ourselves in all things to do with the 'learning pit' and having a growth mindset in our approach to all aspects of the curriculum. In English, we have enjoyed reading 'The Most Magnificent Thing' by Ashley Spires which tells the story of a little girl and her faithful companion who work as a team to persevere with their personal challenge and go through the ups and downs of achieving the goal together. Thank you to all Class 5 members who undertook the summer challenge of learning something new over the holidays. It was a real pleasure to hear the children talk about what they had managed to achieve and to also look at some photos of what they had been up to.


Please visit Class Five soon to see what we’ve been up to…