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Winscombe Primary School

Class Dojo

Welcome to our Class Dojo!


Dear Parents/Carers

We are setting up a new online communication system for all of our classes across the federation, to enable teachers, pupils and parents to have an effective method of sharing work and staying in touch. This will complement our process of setting pupils home learning tasks through their class web pages each week.

Class Dojo is an internationally used school communication platform that teachers, students, and families use every day to build close-knit communities by sharing what’s being learned at home through photos, videos, and messages. Some of our pupils and parents already use this platform successfully and we feel that it should provide our community with a stronger and secure system for staying in touch during this unusual time.


For the Strawberry Line Federation, this will be used for pupils to share any special pieces of work they have completed. It will also allow parents and pupils to message the class teacher with any queries about challenges with home learning or other specific communications. We do not encourage families to share every individual piece of work your child has completed or use this as a chatroom. Also, we will not be able to give individual feedback on specific pieces of work. However, there is scope for pupils to message their classmates, under the supervision of their teachers – class teachers have the ability to approve every post on this secure forum.


The website is:

Our current class log-in code is: MII KHH

LOGIN last updated 25.06.20. Please try and login within 48 hours. The code will only need to be used the first time you login. NOTE: You will need to login as a student, not a parent