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Winscombe Primary School


Our page on ClassDojo is up and running and working really well. It's a means to communicate and share work that the children have done. It will be an easier way for children, and yourselves, to ask me questions and to show what they have been doing during the time away. I can see everything that is sent and have overall site control as to what is uploaded - it needs my approval, even on individual portfolios. I will also be awarding Individual and Group Points for different things that children have done and uploaded - clicking the 'Report' button will explain the reason behind the points.


Children add comments and pictures to their own portfolio which I can 'approve' to be put up on their page. The 'Class Story' can only be added to by myself, so everything a child adds goes onto their own portfolio for you to see. Children can view other children's portfolios by clicking 'Switch Student' at the top of the homepage. This enables them to see everything that has been approved and posted. It is possible to add things on another child's portfolio (such as a message or picture), but this will once again not send until approval from me - this should not be used frequently, as otherwise I can't tell what each child has actually done themselves. 


An email has been sent out from the Office (and resent from myself at at the start of June) with your individual parent codes to enable you to log in and see what your child posts on their portfolio and what I include in the 'Class Story'. This also provides you with the ability to message me directly, without needing emails, which should make it easier if you have a problem with any of the work I have set. If you have more than one child at the school, you will need to add each child using their code to enable you to see their individual portfolio and their class story.


Please ask if you have any other questions - it might take a little while to get used to the website and all the things it can do.


The website is:

Our current class log-in code is: RBE CEW