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Winscombe Primary School

Diary Entry w/c 16.11.20

Listen to the second part of the THESEUS AND THE MINOTAUR story we started last week. We meet Princess Ariadne. What is she like? How does she feel about the beast and the labyrinth? Why would she help Theseus? How can she help Theseus?


Your task: put yourself in Ariadne's shoes. Write a diary entry from her point of view. Recount events unravelling in Crete. How is she feeling about her father and Daedalus’s plans to feed other islanders to the beast?


Write one paragraph about her feelings for Theseus.

Write a second paragraph about her thoughts about her father's system of feeding other islanders to the Minotaur.

Write a third paragraph about her plan to help Theseus and whether she thinks it will work.