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Winscombe Primary School


Year 1

Happy New Year!

We are going to begin our writing around New Year Resolutions this week! Attached is a powerpoint all about what this means. You may have already given this some thought and have a few ideas of things you would like to achieve this year. Once you have discovered what this is all about, choose one of the writing frames underneath to complete your task. Your new year resolution(s) can be as simple or as challenging as you like! It may be something you would like to do for yourself or perhaps for your family, eg: I am going to practise riding my bike, or: I am going to help put the washing away!

Don't forget - upload your work to ClassDojo once you have completed it!

Year 1 & Reception


The Christmas holidays is a very exciting time and we are sure you have lots to tell us. You may have spent time with family or even been given some presents! Draw us a picture of something from your Christmas holiday, it may be your favourite present or something you did, then write all about it.

When you are writing remember to use phonics to help you sound out the word as well as keeping in mind those tricky words which don't sound. Reception children saying your sentence a few times before you write helps you to focus. Year 1, try and bring all the things we think about when writing together: capital letters, spaces between words, phonics and full stops.

Don't forget to upload work to class Dojo!