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Winscombe Primary School


We'll be writing a news report this week about the battle in one of the stories from our book.


Our Zoom lessons on Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning will go through how to write different parts of a news report and what I expect to see in your writing, so maybe save this task for later in the week.


I've uploaded the story for you to read - it's called 'Tusker Versus the Earl'. Our article is going to report the events of the battle, so make sure you are really clear on what happened and which characters are involved.


The Powerpoint I will be using and the success criteria of things I'm looking for are on this page too. For those of you at home, your 'peer' checker will have to be someone you have at home, rather than finding someone else from our class!


When we've done different parts of the article, I will load them up here to help you and for you to magpie from as well.

An example of the hook paragraph:


Who: Neo and Patsy

What: broke the world record for the number of biscuits eaten in one minute

Where: Sandford School

When: today

Why: because they wanted to be in the record book


Biscuit Breakers!

Today, at Sandford School, two children broke a world record. Neo and Patsy broke the record for the number of biscuits eaten in one minute. Their aim was to have their names in the record book.

Tusker Versus the Earl