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Winscombe Primary School




For Tuesday's lesson, we'll be reading the story 'The Raven Banner' and picking out the key events.

Your task will be to summarise the story in no more than 100 words. This ensures you have understand what has happened and are able to explain it to somebody else.

I will also be asking you some comprehension questions as we go through the lesson too.




Imagine you are the Earl of Orkney. You need someone to carry your banner into battle, but nobody seems like they really want to (not a big surprise, seeing as everyone who does ends up dead!). You don't want to carry it into battle yourself - how will you show off how strong and confident you are as a fighter if you did?!


Your task will be to write a persuasive speech to try and get one of your men to change their minds and carry your banner.

Our lesson will be recapping the key persuasive features and types of vocabulary that you can use, as well as coming up with a starting point for the speech.


I've uploaded the Powerpoint, a vocabulary sheet and success criteria below the story to help you with your writing. There is also a paragraph plan if you want to use that before you start writing too - I'll remind you how to use this in our lesson as well.

The persuasive speech we started together, to help you with your one this morning - feel free to magpie as you came up with most of it too! Why not record yourself performing your speech and send me the video - be really emotive and passionate when you give your speech!

The Raven Banner