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Winscombe Primary School




In the lesson, I will read through the story 'Odin's Riddles' (pictures are below).

Your task based on the story is a bit different this week - I want to see what riddles you can make up! I have uploaded the Riddle Powerpoint that we'll be trying to solve in the lesson (no peeking beforehand!) and a Riddle Plan to help you think up your riddle clues. Let's see how cryptic we can be!




For our writing, we're not really using the story, but focusing on the character of Odin and the other Gods. In our lesson, we'll have a look at some of the Norse Gods and Goddesses and what elements they have power over.

I would like you to pick one of the Gods and write a detailed description about them - I've provided some handouts of information, but you can do your own research as well.

Let's see if you can use all the different grammar techniques we've looked at this term: fronted adverbials, embedded clauses, relative clauses and clear paragraphs (you can use the plan format to help you if you want). I've given you some word mats to help you to develop your vocabulary too - be as descriptive and detailed as possible; throw in some similes too. Remember your commas, full stops & capital letters!


I would like you to mention:

the God's appearance (what they look like)

a bit about their background or the elements they are in control of

what you think their personality might be like - how they might speak/ move/ think/ get on with other Gods


As always, the one that we start in our lesson will be up here for you to look back at and magpie from when we do it.

Odin's Riddles