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Winscombe Primary School




This week, we're stepping away from the Viking Sagas - you'll be carrying on with them after half term though.

The book we'll be using is called 'Wisp: A Story of Hope'.


The video of me reading the story, as well as photos of the pictures, is below - make sure you've had a chance to watch it before our lesson on Thursday.


In our lesson, I'll be talking through the story and seeing what your thoughts and feelings were about it. We'll then be using it to do a bit of writing about our own ONCE memory (planning template below) and having a go at writing a SOMEDAY haiku poem (examples below).


This is linked to your art lesson, which is about making a Hopes & Dreams Catcher. Save that for Thursday afternoon, when we've read through the story and done some work on it.

Wisp: A Story of Hope

Still image for this video

Picture pages from 'Wisp'

Mrs Davis' ONCE memory