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Winscombe Primary School




Again this week I have given both Year 4 & Year 5 different pieces of writing to read:

  • Year 4 - The Tale of Custard the Dragon
  • Year 5 - From a Railway Carriage

Both of these texts are examples of classic poetry and use rhyme in a similar way.


Read through the text appropriate for your year group and answer the questions on the next page. There are 7 questions for each and I have included the answers so that you mark your questions and send them to me on Class Dojo afterwards. Don't worry if you make mistakes, you could always write the correct answer above (in purple pen if you have one) to help see what you did wrong. 


As an additional challenge, you could read through and complete the other year group's reading questions. 



This week we will be editing and publishing our Viking sagas. Last week, I asked you to plan and write a Viking saga, similar to those from The Dragon’s Hoard: Stories from the Viking Sagas by Lari Don. We are going to start by editing our first draft, checking for any mistakes with our punctuation, spelling and grammar. I would like you to read through what you have written and with a purple pen, make corrections to your writing. Use a dictionary for any spellings you are unsure about and rewrite the correct spelling above the mistake. 


Next, I would like you to look back at your story mountain plan from last week. Check that have included all the details that wrote and if there is anything you have not included, add this to your writing. As you do this, there may be additional ideas that you want to include and you can do this with your purple pen if you wish. 


Finally, I would like you to write your final draft with all your corrections and improvements included. For this, we are going to present it in a booklet to make it look epic! I will go through this in detail during our Zoom lesson.