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Winscombe Primary School


Year 1 - This week we are continuing to learn about sentence structure. In particular we are trying to make sure we really understand what a sentence is and use a capital letter to start our sentences and a full stop to end.


Activity 1 - see if you can write the whole alphabet in lower case letters with the capital letter next to it.  Make sure your capital letter is larger even if it is the same shape as the lower case letter.






Activity 2 - Think of a sentence to write about your house or family.  Say it outloud then count the words on your fingers. Notice between each finger and therefore each word, there is a space.  Repeat your sentence a few times.  Now write it down, remembering a capital letter to start and a full stop at the end.  Now write some more sentences on the same theme.  Remember you don't need a new line for each sentence, keep writing until you get to the end of a line and then start a new one, it's the full stop that shows the end of the sentence not the edge of your page!  Once you have finished go back and check your writing to see if you have put a capital letter to start the sentence and a full stop to end each one.