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Winscombe Primary School


Year 1- We have been publishing our writing on instructions this week. Please complete the fun task below and then record your own set of instructions on how to do this. Remember to lay it out just as we did in class with your headings for each section. Don't forget those bossy verbs!

Reception - In reception this week we are focusing on telling our own stories to our friends and acting them out.  At home, share some favourite stories and talk about the characters, main theme (is someone or something lost?, is there a quest?) and the setting.  The next bit needs some adult help.  Tell your own story and have an adult write down exactly what you say.  This can be recorded on a piece of paper or even better, in a zigzag book made from folded paper (see below).  See if you can write a title for the story on the front page and your name as the author.  You can also add pictures, if you have room, on the other pages.  Then have fun with an adult reading your story and you acting it out with your family or cuddlies!