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Winscombe Primary School

English (Reading and Writing)

Myths and Legends

This week, we are going to be using the superb planning that you finished last week to help us write the first couple of sections of our myths! This will require you to use your awesome imaginations and really think, what does the reader need to know about my world and my character to enjoy reading my myth! Below are the resources that you will need to complete the lesson task, including the lesson PowerPoint and an example text that you can magpie from if you want to!

Thursday Lesson - Book Covers and Blurbs!

Every good book needs a good book cover! For Thursday's lesson, we are going to be creating our very own book covers and blurbs for our myths! You'll need to think carefully about what needs to be on a book cover and what to include in a blurb. Below are some templates that you could use to support yourself, but feel free to use any medium to design and create your book covers!