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Winscombe Primary School

English (Reading and Writing)


This week, we are going to be taking inspiration from our topic project, creating our own Anglo-Saxon villages and looking to write our own advertising leaflets to get people to come and live there! (Yes, you will those amazing imaginations you all have!).

We will explore the key features to include in our virtual lesson and I will upload the PowerPoint notes after the session. Below are all the resources you will need to create your own persuasive leaflet inviting people to live in your own village!

Remember, the key features are:

1. A catchy name/slogan

2. Rhetorical Questions

3. Hyperbole (exaggerate!)

4. Key Information

5. Attractive Layout


This week we are going to be focusing on our class text, 'Freedom for Bron'. Below are all the resources you will need for the lesson. For Monday's Zoom session, it would be useful to have access to the Chapter 6 & 7 pdf, whether that is on the screen or printed out.


Useful tips:

1. Remember to answer questions in full sentences

2. Use 'I know this because...' to justify your answer, don't start your answer with it.