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Winscombe Primary School

Examples of people's work

Sea Monsters!

Viking Trade Journey

Grammar challenge - write a paragraph using the 6 different fronted adverbial starters.


Natalia: Terrifyingly, the huge fire dragon came to the city. Screaming like a banshee, they ran everywhere. Through the house, the fire burnt the house down. Frightening, the dragon burnt down everything in its sight. After the dragon left, there was nothing left but ash. Horrified, they slowly picked up their belongings that hadn't been burnt into flames.


Keona: Shaking with fear, Ezmarelda heard the door flapping in the wind. Like a petrified cat, she hid under her blanket. As fast as a cheetah, she ran in the cupboard. Unexpectedly, she heard a knock. Before the door opened, Ezmarelda opened her eyes. Exhausted, Ezmarelda realised she'd had a nightmare.


Finn: Emerging from the swamp, a beastly being like man came pacing towards me. Soon, he would have me in his grips. Quickly, I thought the first thing that came but it was stupid. You want to know? Fine, it exploded him. Just as he nearly caught up, he burst into flames. The end. Or is it?


Ryan: Unfortunately, Smaug woke up when Bilbo was in his mountain. Behind the clouds, the fire washed over Lake Town. As quick as lightning, the people of Lake Town gathered their belongings and rushed for safety. When they got to the shore, Bard and Alfred got into an argument about who should be king. Shocked at what they were seeing, the dwarves' hopes of killing the dragon were low. Looking over at Erabor, Thorin Oakenshield stared at it transfixed.


Daisy: Shaking, Lyra listened as her tent flap zip opened. Like a wave, thoughts rushed through her brain ... "Lee Scoresby, mum, oh I hope not." Behind the flap emerged not a human shape, but something else. Relieved, Lyra noticed it was just Iorek Byrnison. Calmly, Lyra snuggled back into her sleeping bag.