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Winscombe Primary School

Letter Writing to our Future Self w/c 08.02.21


Writing a letter to your future self


Lockdown WILL end at some point. The last 12 months have been all over the place for all of you. Some of you have struggled to keep up with school work in some lockdowns, but might be finding a routine this time. Some of you are completing work but missing that 'checking in' you get when you are in school. Some of you have been in school throughout, but you've missed the normal atmosphere where we can work in groups and mix with friends.



Imagine you could talk to yourself on the first day back, once things return to normal. 


What advice would you give yourself to feel reassured on that first day?

What words do you know would be comforting to hear?

What do you want to make sure you really appreciate when you get back to normal?

What things have you missed that you want to make sure you notice and try?

Who are you looking forward to seeing and being with?

What do you know you will need the most help with when you get back?

What are the things you've been worrying about whilst in lockdown?

How do you want YOU to behave when you are finally allowed back to normal?

What attitudes do you hope you will have?

What attitudes do you hope your friends and classmates and teachers will have when you are back?


Let's see...

We can open these letters when we do get back to some normality. I wonder if you will be surprised by your own words? Comforted? Supported? Maybe they will be a reminder of how hard you worked to cope in lockdown and a contrast to how you are when you return?