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Winscombe Primary School




Fronted Adverbials

We will go through the Powerpoint in Monday's lesson, but it is here as a reference for you too. Make sure you know the different ways you could start a fronted adverbial (ISPACE) and the piece of punctuation you need to include at the end of one (comma!).


You can have another go at the 'practise your skills' slides if you would like to.


Your task is then to answer the 4 questions on the 'mini quiz'. The answers are on page 3 of the document.


As an added challenge, can you write a story paragraph that uses each of the different fronted adverbials? My example is below:


Suddenly, the door opened to reveal the most disgusting creature you had ever seen. Shaking in fear, I took one step backwards. As swift as a striking snake, its eyes flashed towards me. Even though I knew it was a crazy thing to do, I lifted my hands in submission. Frightened, the figure darted back through the doorway. Behind me, a snarling noise sounded - the creature hadn't been scared of me ...