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Winscombe Primary School

Headteacher's Blog

17th April 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,


Having glanced back at the last couple of weeks’ newsletters, I can only apologise for the lengthy and somewhat rambling missives that have come your way.  If things were not tricky enough, you are now being sent a tome which makes War and Peace look short and pithy.  I shall rein it in a touch this week so you can get back to doing… the huge variety of things you are doing.


After what had been a frankly disastrous week of home education, (if the children were out of their jammies by 3:15pm we called it a ‘win’) Mrs T and I were determined to crack the whip and get back into it.  Not on Monday though, that’s still the Easter bank holiday and, therefore, a day of rest. We thought we’d leave Tuesday as well, just so we could ease ourselves into the swing of things.  Wednesday was less successful because once we had taken our walk, caught up on chores and made lunch there wasn’t time for anything else.  To be honest, Thursday slipped by too; box sets of Malory Towers (actually pretty good) and Pokémon (I think I want to cry) don’t watch themselves, you know.  Friday?  Come on.  It’s nearly the weekend so better all-around if we start afresh on Monday.  The sum total of 5/8s of nothing has been achieved by the Tucker household but I am reliably informed that next week will be different.  (Mrs T is an optimist, if nothing else).


Joking aside, I don’t know about you but we have found the holiday fortnight trickier than the first two weeks of term time at home (if you see what I mean).  We sort of wanted a break from the work but without being able to go anywhere or spend that much time out and about, we found we kind of missed the structure of the ‘working week’.  Projects have been a real saving grace for our family.  Creating a papier maché volcano, making it explode with coke and Mentoes followed by researching and writing about them has kept my two entertained for ages.  You Tube clips, painting their creations and then labelling them is something they could both access at their own levels.  As we have said before, do whatever works for your family, there is absolutely no right or wrong to any of this.  Some weeks will be easier than others and they will be ‘up for it’ and other times they will be like my children.  Your best is more than good enough.


The above does lead me rather neatly onto our new initiative, ClassDojo.  Over the next week or so, we shall be launching ClassDojo as a means for children and parents to contact their teachers and share work they are particularly proud of.  We won’t be able to mark work or give individual feedback but if you had a query or felt like saying ‘Hi’ this is the medium to use.  The children’s work will be set weekly via the class webpage.   Details will be coming out as we process them a class at a time, so please bear with us.  The only downside to this is Mrs Moore and Mrs Barwick having to set up all the accounts individually.  I fear they may do terrible, terrible things to me if any more bright ideas come along.


Play safely and take good care of yourselves.  See, a newsletter so small it’s almost not worth bothering with… hello, is there anyone out there?  Hello?!  Yup, no one’s bothered.


Mr B Tucker 



Wednesday 9th January 2019


Dear Parents/Carers


I cannot tell you how pleased I am to finally be here with all of you and your children. Everyone has been so welcoming, in both schools - I really do feel very lucky. Whichever school I am in, I will endeavour to be on the school gate, trying to desperately learn names (if I am honest - not my forte) and getting to know everyone a little bit better. Although, I have to admit, I did make a small, tactical error on my first morning: my lanyard was trapped inside my coat so I was merrily saying “Good morning”, but no one knew who I was! A few parents were more than a little disconcerted, and more than a touch wary, of this strange man!


We are in the incredibly fortunate position where both schools in The Strawberry Line Federation are already high achieving and places where children flourish. Moving them forward and in new directions is going to be so exciting and a challenge I cannot wait to embrace.


Just to put some ‘flesh on the bones’, I am a family man with two gorgeous (?) children, a little boy who is in Reception and a slightly bigger girl who is in Year 4. Originally from Weston-super-Mare, I have spent much of my career teaching in Reading and then moved back to the South West five years ago to take up my first headship at Wraxall CE Primary School. In my spare time, I love to watch sport, absolutely any sport will do, but I have a particular passion for Bath Rugby, Tottenham Hotspur Football Team and Somerset Cricket (my viewing of sport does not drive my wife mad at all!).


If I have not had the opportunity to chat with you yet, please do find me in the playground; I would love to make your acquaintance.


Yours faithfully


Ben Tucker


Mr Ben Tucker

Executive Headteacher





We read this article recently which is very powerful reading. It really helps to explain the importance of children reading everyday. Check it out:




For your information, our Designated Safeguarding Lead across the Federation is Mrs Victoria Sheppard with Miss Angie Stevens deputising in her absence. If you have any safeguarding or child protection concerns, please do not hesitate to contact either of them.