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Winscombe Primary School

History Topic


Activity 1 Week Beginning 05.01.21

Write questions that you would like to find out about. Think about the life of Neil Armstrong and how he felt knowing he was going to travel to the Moon. 


Activity 2 Week beginning 11.01.21

Using the powerpoint below and the chronology/timeline link, use the pictures provided or draw your own to create a chronology of his life. Remember the chronology must show the milestone in his life from birth to death. If you need any help, please message me and we can Zoom for a short time to get you started!


Activity 3 Week Beginning 18.01.21:

Find out as much as you possibly can about this historic person! Create your own poster or powerpoint to show off what you have found out about the life of Neil Armstrong. At this point, we don't want to know about the mission to the moon but just about him! Have a look below for some ideas!

Activity 4 Week Beginning 25.01.21


IMAGINE IT...........