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Winscombe Primary School


                                                                         Year 1

Firstly, we are looking at consolidating our number knowledge up to 20. This will involve 

counting forwards and backwards and writing numbers to 20 in numerals and words. Please complete the attached sheet below.


Following the above activity, we are going to revisit simple subtraction this week with the use of a number line. Our number line will help us 'jump' backwards to determine the answer of each question. Have a look at this short clip below to introduce how to use this method effectively.

Complete the attached activity and move onto the dice game if you feel confident!

Place value

We are looking at numbers in terms of tens and ones. Look at the video below and use the attached sheets to complete some practise at using tens and ones. Remember you don't have to print the sheets you can use your exercise book to record the answers instead.


Reception Children.


We are going to start by practising some simple addition this week. As our new topic will be around space, you have some space themed addition! Once you have completed the sheet, play a game using the 'star'  number cards. Face them down and choose 2 at random - can you add them together? If you are feeling confident, you could have a go a recording the number sentence in your home learning book!

Don't forget to upload your work to ClassDojo!