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Winscombe Primary School


Maths input

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This week, we will be looking at perimeter and area. The first couple of tasks should be a recap, but Task 3 looks at compound area, which is something we didn't look at before Christmas. Take a look at the White Rose video and worksheet first, but if you aren't sure, then feel free to come and join the Maths Group at 10am on Tuesday morning - the Zoom link is on the timetable.


I've also given you a perimeter challenge and an area challenge, just in case you wanted to push yourself a little bit further too.


PERIMETER = outside of the shape; remember to show the measurement letters

*add all the sides up*

AREA = inside of the shape; remember to show the measurement letters and the little '2' afterwards, to show it is squared. That shows that it is area, not perimeter.

*multiply the length by the width*


Your arithmetic focus for this week is a TTRS Battle of the Bands!

It starts at 7am on Monday and finishes at 7pm on Friday. Your scores will only be counted between 7am and 7pm, so anything you do outside of those times won't go on our total. Make sure you give it a go each day if you can, but don't spend hours on it - that doesn't actually improve your Times Table knowledge. A short burst each day will have a much stronger impact. Good luck!

Countdown Challenge - send me your solution on ClassDojo to earn a bonus Work Mark!