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Winscombe Primary School


Maths input

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We're starting our look at fractions. This will be what we are looking at until half term and probably for a couple of weeks after as well - there's lots to look at!

For this week, we're remembering what fractions are and how to show them - using the Expert Vocab of numerator and denominator. I've included some posters under the tasks that you might find useful to have in front of you this week - especially the fraction wall.


It looks like there are lots of tasks this week, but I don't want you to do all 6 of them.

Task 1 & 2 are for everybody - these recap how to show fractions and how they are made (key: EQUAL PARTS).

THEN choose either 3 & 4 OR 5 & 6.

They both look at equivalent fractions, but at different levels. 3 & 4 recap the Year 3 learning and 5 & 6 recap the Year 4 learning. Even if you are Year 5, you can still have a look at Tasks 3 & 4 if you aren't feeling very confident with fractions - that's absolutely fine. If you try 3 & 4 and find it easy, then jump up to 5 & 6 without doing it all, and the same the other way round - if you start with 5 & 6 and find them a bit too tricky, go back to 3 & 4. I don't want anyone to do all 6 tasks!

There is a Challenge Task, but you might find that the tasks are enough of a challenge for this week!


If you want to join our Maths Group on Monday or Tuesday morning, the link is on your timetable.

Monday: how to show and make fractions

Tuesday: equivalent fractions


As always, there is a Countdown Challenge at the bottom of the page.

To boost your arithmetic this week, keep using TTRS, but I've also included another game called 'Hit the Button'. You can choose which topic you try.

Countdown Challenge - send me your solution on ClassDojo to earn a bonus Work Mark!