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Winscombe Primary School


Week 2 - Multiply by an Integer


Don't let the name scared you, it simply means multiplying by a whole number. After last week where we were adding and subtracting fractions to count fractions and solve sums, this time we are going to do the same with multiplication. Watch the videos for each task and then complete the sheets that go with it. There are powerpoints that go into more detail if needed. 


Tasks 1, 2 & 3 ask you to multiply together various fractions with different numerators and denominators, remember that you only multiply the numerators whilst the denominators stay the same. You will be asked to turn fraction into Mixed numbers and Improper fractions at times so read the questions carefully. 


Task 4 & 5 looks at fractions of quantities and amounts, using your understanding of what numerators and denominators mean and how this can applied.


Task 6 is our challenge this week, where your understanding what numerators and denominators mean will be used with multiplication. As this is the most difficult task, I suggest you watch the video carefully and make sure you are confident with Tasks 1 - 5 before attempting this.


For arithmetic, keep going on TTRS. I want to see an improvement from last week!