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Winscombe Primary School

Christmas Party Fun and a special visit from Father Christmas!

The children of Sandford Primary School enjoyed fun and games at their Christmas parties organised by the PTA.  The school hall was transformed into a Christmas wonderland by the generous helpers and the children had a lovely time.


KS1 enjoyed a sit down Christmas party tea, with jelly and ice cream, music and games and a very exciting visit from Father Christmas!  Each child received a present to take home.  


KS2 had hot dogs and a chocolate fountain at their party, along with dancing and a Space Hopper game.  They also had a visit from Father Christmas and a present to take home.


Many thanks to the Sandford Primary School PTA, in particular to Jeannette Jones, who worked so hard to arrange this for the children.  Also grateful thanks to the many local retail outlets who generously supported this event.