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Winscombe Primary School

Pupils have a taste of apple harvest at Myrtle Farm

Pupils from Sandford Primary School enjoyed an Autumn guided tour through the apple orchards at Myrtle Farm recently.


Chris Muntz-Torres, Farm Manager at Thatchers, took two classes on a guided walk through the orchards, saying "the orchards are right here in the heart of Sandford and at this time of year they are looking stunning, laden with apples.  We were really pleased to have the opportunity to show the pupils at first hand the orchards and the harvest process." 


Chris talked to them about the life cycle of the apple trees - and the different types of apples that are grown at Myrtle Farm.  The pupils even got the chance to taste the apples straight from the tree.


With the apple harvest now in full swing, they watched the apple harvester collect the apples and also had the chance to climb into the driving seat of a tractor.


Mrs Lin Williams said "it was a real treat for the children to be able to take a walk through the orchards at this time of year.  For many it was their first experience of enjoying an orchard at harvest time and picking apples straight from the tree.  They all certainly enjoyed their time and learned a lot - from talking about pollination through to harvest."