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Newspaper Article

Poaching Ring Uncovered


A poaching ring has been uncovered by a local boy and girl on Durga Mountain. The authorities have been after the mastermind responsible for poaching operations up and down the country for seven years. A total of 40 leopard skins and 120 leopard claws have been seized.


Celebrity Garjan Mankar was also arrested, although the extent of his involvement is still unknown.


Mr Anand agreed to testify against the ring leader, Mr Bhat. He said Mr Bhat went to great lengths to keep people away from the areas he wanted to poach in, including committing arson. Mr Anand used to work in a wildlife reserve, preventing poaching, when his daughter fell ill and he needed extra money for hospital bills. 'The poaches were getting more money than me,' he says. 'I didn't feel like I had much of a choice.' After that, he became involved in Mr Bhat's operations.


The hotel that was being used as a front for the illegal activities is being transformed into a wildlife centre in an attempt to spread awareness of the unique wildlife on the mountain. The founder, Rahul Veer, commented, 'My late wife, Jean, dedicated her life to the conservation of animals, particularly snakes, and the centre will be named after her.'