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Winscombe Primary School

North Somerset Cross Country - Hutton Moor 5th October 2016

Another sunny October morning, another Sandford sporting event! This time it was the turn of the cross country runners to flaunt their prowess at Hutton Moor in the North Somerset Cross Country event. Girls and boys from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 paced themselves brilliantly to complete a gruelling course; 900m for Years 3 & 4 and 1.3km for Year 5 & 6! Well done to all involved and in particular the Year 5 girls who finished 2nd overall! A mention to Talia Hughes and Martha Ledger, who have progressed to the next level, and to Corin Welsh who missed out by a single place. An excellent showing by all runners, you are all a credit to yourselves and Sandford Primary! A special thank you to Sarah Mead, Claire Tomlinson and Val Buro for their assistance, you were invaluable! 

Cross Country Squad 2016/17 (Finishing Place):

Year 3/4  boys: Oliver Jones (36), Oliver Tomlinson (45), William Littleboy (52), Tom Hathway (53).

Year 3/4  girls: Imogen Harris (11), Evie Ledger (12), Lola Hughes (21), Tilly Mead (19).

Year 5 boys: Will Hathway (30), Benjamin Caddy-Hvalkof (58).

Year 5 girls: Talia Hughes (2), Martha Ledger (8), Chloe Mead (15), Corin Welsh (13), Daisy Sage (36), Evie Vowles (23).

Year 6 boys: Fred Hunt (64), Nino Masouras (66), Jack Olive (65), Alex Buro (17).

Year 6 girls: Raechel Daniels (35), Katie Stevenson (50).    

Our Superb Silvers!