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Winscombe Primary School

North Somerset Football Cluster - Churchill Academy 26th September 2016

Our first event in this busy sporting year was the North Somerset Cluster Football, which took place at Churchill Academy. Despite traditional English drizzle, the children sprinted excitedly onto the pitches and exhibited some superb football and some even silkier skills! The squad was split into the older A side and a younger B side. Both teams performed exceptionally, with debut goals for Sandford B from Albert Irving, Casper Wheeler and Oliver Tomlinson. A special thank you to Jim Wheeler and Dave Avery for their support and help from the sidelines, although I’m sure they wanted to get onto the pitch at times!

Well done to all those involved;

Sandford A; Donnel Kambasha, Samuel Foster, William Hathway, Harrison Keyte, Sienna Thomas, Edward Smith, Fred Hunt, Josh Honour and Chloe Stevenson.

Sandford B; Charlie Phippen, Edie Storey, Yasmin Harris, Louis Avery, Casper Wheeler, Albert Irving, Darci Thomas and Oliver Tomlinson.