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Winscombe Primary School

NSSPEA Year 4 MultiSkills @ Hutton Moor, 3rd October

Your MultiSkills Squad!

Another day, another excellent sporting fixture! This time Sandford were hard at work, trying all the different sports involved in the MultiSkills festival. From SpeedStacking to fencing, the children immersed themselves in a range of sporting activities all the while smiling from ear to ear. They showed superb attitude throughout and a real desire to try new things. Well done to all the children involved!


The boys planning their moves...
Mia and Lara already hard at work!
Olivia and Jasmine were very organised!
See! Too organised!


Eye on the prize!
Lining up for a smash!
Steady hands Daniel...
More of the action!

Laser shooting!

Beware! Jacob is back!
Olivia has it all lined up!
Great concentration from Mia!
She hit every single one! Great shooting Jasmine!


It's a good but terrifying look!
En garde!
Almost got you!