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Winscombe Primary School

Online Safety

Here at Sandford Primary School, we recognise the benefits and opportunities that new technologies offer to teaching and learning.  We encourage the use of technology in order to enhance skills and promote achievement.  However, the accessible and global nature of the internet and variety of technologies available mean that we are also aware of potential risks and challenges associated with such use.


If you wish to explore this area further, please explore the additional sites that will support your knowledge of being safe on line;


Key Stage One


  Watch Hector and his friends to find out how to stay safe online.


  Read ‘Digi Duck’s Big Decision’ online.


  Work with Lee and Kim to find out how to stay safe on the 



Key Stage Two


  Find out how to use new technology safely at the Cyber Cafe.


  Experience online safety adventures at 'Surf Swell Island'.