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Winscombe Primary School

Other Tasks



Think about the journey the Vikings would have had to take to get to Britain - it would be quite dangerous crossing so much open water ...

Design a sea monster that they might have met along the way! You can make it more mythological or as realistic as you want.


Take a look at some of the pictures below, as well as the 'Sea Monster' books on Get Epic (I have sent you a list of the ones that might be useful - check your Mailbox). There will be lots of ideas that you can magpie from if you need some inspiration.


Send me a photo on ClassDojo to show off your creation!



To make sure you don't forget the Spanish vocabulary you've been learning with Mrs Clough, I've found a 'greetings' video to recap your memories. Make sure you do the moves with the man as well!


There are then two puzzles of greetings for you to cut up and match the Spanish to the English. You will make a rectangle when it is finished - the bold lines on the outside of some of the pieces show which ones are on the edge. Sheet 1 is the easier version and Sheet 2 is a bit more complicated. Try to give them both a go and practise saying the words too!


Buena suerte (good luck)!



Continue with your touch typing this week. Try to progress to another level, or challenge yourself to be even quicker in a race. How many words can you type in a minute now?!



'Wake Up With Joe' Day 3 is your cardio challenge this week!

Keep trying to do the morning workouts with him on Monday, Wednesday & Friday too.


Your dance lesson this week is about Animal Moves! Watch the video and have a read of the document that explains the different tasks. This would be a good one to get everyone involved with - what animals can you represent?! Send me a video on ClassDojo so I can try to guess what animal you are!