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Winscombe Primary School

Other Tasks



This week, to link with our invading lesson in Topic, you're going to be designing your own sword. Swords were mainly for the more important Viking families and had a special meaning, including having their own names that were thought to bring added power to its owner.

Take a look at the Powerpoint that explains about Viking weapons and shows you the different styles you could have for the pommel, grip & guard of your sword. There are some videos that show Viking weapons in museums to give you some ideas too.

Sketch a design first of all, and then if you want to, have a go at making it - just maybe with cardboard and tin foil rather than metal!

I've also included a 3D model that you can use for a sword and an axe if you would like.

Let me see your sword when it's finished - think of a good Viking name for it too!

Finished axe model



Continuing to look at the creation stories of different religions, this week it's the Islamic faith. Remind yourself of the Judeo-Christian one from last week and then compare the two - what's the same and different about them?

The Powerpoint explains the Islamic story and you've got two match up and order activities to do as well.



Some more coding, with a difference! Can you control the characters to create a dance party?! Send me a video of their dance on ClassDojo so I can see your finished piece!



As always, give Joe Wicks a go in the mornings and try his 'Wake Up With Joe: Day 4'.


This week's dance task is to 'Move to the Beat'. Watch the YouTube video about how to complete the task and take a look at the document below that explains it too.