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Winscombe Primary School

Other Tasks



Your task is to design a shield that is unique to you.

Think about what pattern might represent you. There should be some repetition, possibly symmetry, to your design. Think about what might make it a bit more Viking-y! Why not try to include your initial in rune form? The rune alphabet is below too.

Use the examples below to help you come up with some ideas. Some have a never-ending knot which symbolised the continuation of life; others have Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, which joined up the 9 worlds in Norse mythology; while some have simple block colour designs.


If you want to, you could actually make the shield too, to go with your sword from last week. Cardboard would work – you don’t need to use solid wood!



See what you can remember about food & drink and create a Spanish themed menu. You could always try to cook some Spanish food too!


There is a vocab list and menu template below, as well as a match up activity and crossword.


I've uploaded links to some BBC websites that look at Spanish food & recipes, as well as a story in Spanish if you really want to challenge yourself!




This week we are going to be looking at Fake News and how we know what to trust on the Internet.


Look through the Powerpoint and at the different links below to learn a bit more about what Fake News is and how we can spot it. There is a funny song that explains it a little bit as well.


Try to answer the questions on the Activity Sheet to see what you can remember about how to check if it is Fake News.


We will be looking at this a bit more next week when we do Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 9th.



As always, give Joe Wicks a go in the mornings and try his 'Wake Up With Joe: Day 5'.


This week's dance task is to 'Move to the Beat: Extravaganza'. Watch the YouTube video about how to complete the task and take a look at the document below that explains it too.