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Winscombe Primary School

Other Tasks



Tuesday 9th is Safer Internet Day, so we'll be using our Zoom lesson that day to look through the Powerpoint and talk about things a little bit more.

When we've finished, have a look at the Questionnaire - this is something that your parents might like to do with you too, so they can see what you know and feel about using the Internet.

There's a wordsearch of key vocabulary too, and a really good online game made by Google that looks at lots of different aspects of staying safe and kind online. There is an 'island' that explores Fake News, which is what our ICT lesson last week looked at.


On Tuesday morning at 11am, there is also a BBC Live Lesson all about Safer Internet Day too, which you might like to join in on.



Your art this week is linked to our English and the book 'Wisp: A Story of Hope'.

See if you can make a Hopes & Dreams Catcher. The document below shows you the step by step process of making it, but you can personalise it however you want to make it unique to you.


When you've finished, I'd love to see a photo of it - you don't have to show me what hopes & dreams you've written if you don't want to.



The Creation Story this week is from the Hindu faith. Have a look through the Powerpoint that goes through the story and see if you can match and order the cards accurately.

There is an additional task that has some questions about the story and then asks you to compare all of the Creation Stories we have looked at so far this term.



As always, give Joe Wicks a go in the mornings and try his 'Wake Up With Joe: Day 6'.


This week's dance task is 'Space Adventure'. Watch the YouTube video about how to complete the task and take a look at the document below that explains it too.